Guide – The do’s and do not's of the online casino world

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With the amount of online casinos currently in operation, it’s weird to think that less than 25 years ago, these did not exist. 1995 was the first online casino put into operation and year by year, the industry has grown more than anyone could have imagined. Each online casino wants to be the biggest and the best and are aware that they are up against stiff opposition to obtain this title. It’s no longer about who offers the most games but who provides the best experience.

Around the world, welcome bonuses have become the main focus within the online casino industry

A casino wouldn’t gain much custom these days by offering a £5 free bet like they did when they first introduced bonuses. It’s not hard to find bonuses based on the deposits made, worth thousands of whatever currencies they are dealing with. Add to that, the introduction of the no deposit bonus, which is just giving money to new joiners without them having to deposit anything at all, the bonus structure around the online casino is more of a sale these days than the casino itself.

You then have to take into account the payment options and the customer service in place to decide

If you have a problem with depositing funds and you are due to enter a tournament in 15 minutes, you do not appreciate a customer support team that answers queries within a 48 hour time frame. That’s why most casinos know try to offer 24/7 support through calls, emails and live chats. Payments also have to be flexible, you can now conduct your betting through debit and credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and there’s even the option to join a bitcoin casino as well. Your payout time will heavily depend on the payment option you have requested, with e-wallets and cryptocurrency being paid out instantly in a lot of cases, and other methods taking up to 5 working days. It’s always important to know what payment option your preference is and ensure the casino you are looking to join supports that.

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